Home Decor Trends 2018

Warm Tones
Earthy tones cozy vibe and minimalistic appearance will be ‘in’ this year. Colors like deep burgundy reds and  burnt oranges to rusty terracottas and murky greens can add warmth to the place.
Industrial designs
Although mid-century look has been popular in last couple of years, Industrial look has also been gaining popularity. Furniture with high utility and more minimalistic appearance will be favoured.
Concrete accents.
Concrete has always been a popular material but in 2018, concrete will be seen beyond its use in floorings and countertops and used innovatively in accessories, decorations and wall coverings.
Mixed Metals
Metals go really well with all sorts of colors, but mixing metals with different finishes is an instant way to add visual intrigue and depth.
Jewel Tones
This trend favored in 2017 is still going strong in 2018. Moody jewel tones adds a lot of character and dramatic vibe to your place.
Statement storage
Statement storage furniture will be a growing trend. Instead of sacrificing style for function, people are opting for utility storage that are versatile and have a creative placement throughout home.
Geometric pattern
Geometric patterns will be everywhere this year. There are a lot of ways one can incorporate geometric patterns in their home interiors like backsplashes, wallpapers, cushion covers, etc.
Traditional designs
Last few years, modern designs were a hit in home interiors, however, traditional designs have never entirely faded. This year, people are likely to opt for classics , antiques, having rustic look o-r wooden furniture.

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