5 pieces of furniture, a style statement

It’s all about making the right statement. 

Here is our round up of 5 furniture pieces that can add statement to your living areas. Well, it takes that one piece to be a conversation starter, one epic piece to give a unique feel to give a normal room a whole new look.

The console table of your dreams, a light pink and black curved console is definitely a conversation starter when paired with the right decor accents and a painting. Let your imagination run wild, while the curves do all the talking.

This pieced by Baxter is available at Sources Unlimited store

Make a solid statement with the Brass Table from Beyond Designs.

While making a bold move, gather around this piece of furniture and set the ball rolling. 

Every occasion needs a special bar and when the lights go out it becomes a part of your decor.

The perfect match of functionality and aesthetics, this Giorgetti piece is available at Sources Unlimited to get you in the mood.

Those reading nooks and pause corners will definitely light up with this Fish Tail Chair from Asad Firdosy Designs.

Inspired by nature, this biomorphic piece of furniture is definitely the most comforting and eye catching chair you can add to your corners.

As cosy as the mother’s womb and redefining the curves in one swift stroke is what makes this piece stand out. Add a rug to match the colours and there you have a show stopper !

This Baxter chair is straight from your hygge vision board.

“Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context – a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan.” says Eliel Saarinen.

These pieces of furniture definitely take from this quote and will be the perfect pieces to bring home.

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